Care Instructions

Care Instructions:

    Our swimwear is constructed of the finest fabrics, trim and custom hardware and should be cared for in the same manner as fine lingerie.

    * Always rinse your suit immediately in clean cold water after wearing it in salt water to avoid damage to hardware finishes.
    * Hand wash only in cold water using very mild soap, shampoo or specialty lingerie detergent.
    * Do not use Woolite, bleach, laundry detergent or any type of stain remover.
    * Lie flat or hang to dry.
    * Separate tops and bottoms so colors do not bleed.
    * Do not use a dryer or blow dryer as they may cause damage to the fabric, hardware and inner plastic components.
    * Hot tubs, swimming pools and prolonged periods of sun exposure will cause increased wear to your suit. Dark and bright colors will fade quicker and is not considered a manufacturers defect.
    * Suntan oils may stain and can be harmful to the fabric of your suit.